Hi there!

I am currently writing my Ph.D. thesis im Media Studies on “Living a Thousand Lives Right Now: Virtual and Simulated Reality via Cyber Enhancement and Neural Engineering”

VR: Person can differentiate between an Artificial Reality and the Objective Reality (what we experience as our everyday reality)

SR: Person is totally immersed in Artificial Reality

I was always interested in how exactly we perceive and fabricate our reality – and how/if we might be able to experience a great variety of different situations, emotions etc.

Can new developments in neural engineering (Brain-Computer-Interfaces, nootropics, cyborg enhancement) help us to not only to experience different sensations temporarily but for an extended period of time?

Companies like Facebook and Neuralink (Elon Musk) plan to merge computers and human brains quite possibly to the point where the preamble of the Matrix might become a reality itself: vast quantities of human beings interconnected in some sort of brain cloud.

In my thesis I discuss these issues, if you are doing research in this area as well, I would love to know more about it, if you happen to visit this page.

Yours, Mike

twitter: mikekrammer